~hack4charity was born out of the community and for the community we exists. regardless of belief, culture and color of skin, fueled by faith, driven by technology – we give back to the community~

~although the primary objective of hack4charity is to help the community – our posts may still commit mistake or may say something nuts. if there’s anything in here (could it be grammar, slang, punctuation or symbol which translates or is interpreted into something bad in your country, culture or belief) offends you – it’s certainly not our intention and will not be held responsible for it. You can however feel free to post a comment, feel free to disagree with us or tell us we’re completely nuts – all in a nice and polite manner. else any abusive, profane, rude, spam and anonymous comments will be deleted. do remember that our current posts may express different opinions than earlier posts – over time thoughts and opinions may change. posts are intended to give insights at the time the post is written, but not necessarily forever~

~ps: some ads somewhere in the page may appear which we hope may cover our yearly hosting expenses. however this does not automatically mean we endorse it or in cases that it seems offending – that it is our intention. writing notes and reviews is fun; however we’re still against paid recommendations disguised as personal opinion, so anything we post about or feature in were all because we want to share something cool with you – not because we are paid to post it. we still however consider sponsored posts if the product or service is one we really truly use or have used and like~

~warning: occasionally there may be few hacking related article on this site as well and is only for educational purposes. the tutorials and demo on this website does not promote unethical hacking. beware that some of these are not even safe to try on your home  (and work) network (i.e. live malware simulations, possibility of breaking stuff and/or jail time) so we extremely recommend to play on your virtual and/or controlled network. hack4charity nor the authors will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to the procedures and software provided from this site~

~ok, what exactly is hack4charity for? we do these~

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