~h3Lp 0uT~

Definitely! everyone is encourage to help out!

As you may probably know by now, hack4charity’s main goal is to provide a free IT professional services and Security Awareness training to the community or individuals who in return willing to spread the work to others as well.

We urgently need volunteers:

Web Developer
Database Gurus
Systems & Network Gurus
Security Gurus
Legal Counsel

Let’s join our resources and together build an unselfish community! If you think your skills does not fall in any of the category mentioned above, that’s fine. If you are willing to learn and ready to donate your time, that’s enough for us – drop us a message* and there’s surely something for you. =)

Alright, You think you have some few hours to spare and your skill is listed above, where do you start? – Send a message* over or poke us via skype.

*Talk to Us!

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